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Surf Camps

Surf Camp Overview

We live in a unique part of the country where the beach plays a large part in our recreational and fitness pursuits.  Surfing has become a very popular water activity that people of all ages can enjoy.  Surfing is the fastest growing sport in Australia; outranking, basketball, cricket, soccer and netball.  Total Adventures surf programs give students a full education into surf safety, surf awareness and practical surfing skills even if students have no experience in the surf or have never been to the beach before.  Students start their adventure using body boards and then progress to soft surfboards.

Students are instructed by fully qualified surf coaches most of whom have experience in surfing at a professional level.  Even those students who have never surfed before will come away with new skills and confidence.  Those students who already have surfing experience, will be shown how to build on their skill level to gain even more enjoyment!

Each surfing session on the camp includes instruction in paddling, wave catching, various prone to feet methods and surf safety.  Most importantly, the camp teaches students about ocean awareness and safety.  Students learn about surfing culture through surf lessons, presentations from professional surfers, visits to surf equipment manufacturers and essential skills to read surf and beach conditions.  Total Adventures will take students on an educational journey from the beginning of Australian surfing history to present day World Champions.

A lot of beginners get a board and get hurt due to lack of basic knowledge.  Through a surf awareness activity participants are given an in depth talk on surf conditions and surf safety, how to identify potential risks before entering the water and how to deal with a situation once a swimmer has entered the water.  The sessions include topics such as surf equipment selection, safe use of equipment, oceanography, identifying dangerous situations and board rescues.

Each surf camp can be programmed in order for students to experience a diverse range of water and land based adventures.  Mountain Biking, Canoeing, Abseiling, Rock Climbing etc can all be incorporated.  With qualified instructors and programmers we are able to tailor the camp program to meet your desired outcomes.

Surf Camp

“A very well organised camp. Children had a great deal of fun and would love to go on another camp with total adventures.”  Kepnock State School

Camp Accommodation

Schools may choose tent, dorm or resort style accommodation. Each offers a unique experience to provide the ultimate surf adventure.

Camp Catering

Catering is one aspect of a camp that both students and teachers always remember. Meals provided are fresh, nutritious and plentiful. Total Adventures uses qualified chefs to ensure excellent catering standards and the ability to cater for all dietary requirements. Surf Camp

Surf CampSkill development and activities

(Activities vary in accordance with camp duration and individual program design)

  • Surf Awareness Lecture
  • Structured Body Boarding Lessons
  • Structured Surfboard Riding Lessons
  • Surf Videos
  • Pro Surfer Visit
  • Surf Manufacturers and Shaping Visit
  • Free Expression Sessions
  • Night Activities
  • Land Based Activities – Mountain Biking, High Ropes etc
  • Suitable for Year 7– Year 12 Students

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