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Winter Special

Tired of hot and sweaty school camps, why not consider a cool change!

Total Adventures invites your school to take advantage of our fantastic Off Peak Special. Total Adventures welcomes your school to stay at Noosa Eco Retreat during the months of June, July and August to experience the best of the sub tropical and pristine Sunshine Coast, and save at the same time.

“The Accommodation was clean on arrival and it fits our purpose perfectly! There was a great variety and amount of catering from professional chefs and staff, we had no complaints from staff or students. Overall the Winter Special camp was a great introdution and getting to know you for Year 8″.
Middle School Pastoral Coordinator – St Theresa’s Catholic College


Winter is the ideal time for a school camp. In Winter days are mild and sunny, with low humidity and average temperatures are a very pleasant maximum of 22 degrees C. Sea temperatures on the Sunshine Coast average 19 degrees in winter so all year round swimming is realistic and enjoyable. Rain fall is very low over winter and typically days are warm with crystal clear blue skies.

Students settle in early for a warm and cosy nights sleep and awake to cool mornings perfect for physical activity. Low humidity during the day makes high energy activities like mountain biking great fun and extremely pleasant.  T-shirts and shorts during the day are great and a tracksuit at night is adequate to keep warm.

Off Peak Deal Includes–

  • Complimentary Accommodation for Teachers
  • Complimentary Meals for Teachers
  • Night Time Activities hosted by Total Adventures Staff free of charge
  • Bonus offsite transport for activities if required
  • Relax, enjoy the mild weather and save! Please contact us to receive a quotation tailored to your specific requests.

Winter Special

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