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Eco Challenge

Cooloola National Park

About Cooloola National Park

North of Brisbane, between Noosa Heads and Rainbow Beach lies a part of the Great Sandy Region known as Cooloola National Park. Cooloola is a refuge for some of the world’s rarest plants and animals such as the Cooloola Acid Frog and Ground Parrot.

The park has one of the few remaining Emu populations in coastal Queensland. The region has many lakes including the worlds largest and highest perched dune lakes and contains the oldest and largest number of independent coastal dune systems recorded in the world, as well as the oldest known time sequence of soils (podzols) with giant profiles more than 25m thick.

“Phil is a very organised Co-ordinator; nothing was too much trouble for him.  The rest of the instructors worked very well within the group.  Activities were very organised and challenging.  Meals were excellent quality and quantity.  A great Camp – Well Done!”  Australian Technical College


The objective is to foster within each student, an appreciation, knowledge, values and skills necessary to inspire not only sound decisions and actions in their ecological environment but also in their team environment.


Each group of 20 students has a different start point, rotating around a circuit in opposite directions. Groups meet at an allocated camp site each evening. During the course of one week, students cover one hundred kilometres. Two canoe legs, approximately 25km, cover the top of Lake Cootharaba to Harry’s Hut and Elanda Point to the lower reaches of the Noosa River. Students also enjoy a morning of mountain biking to their designated abseil and rock climbing site, returning by mountain bike to commence the next part of their circuit. Other challenges are used to complete the circuit such a river crossing where students are issued with several items that need to be constructed. Combined with the problem solving/lateral thinking skills of the group each person is safely ferried across. Students, equipped with a topography map and a compass must also navigate a 25km leg of the circuit.

“The canoe instructors were fantastic with the children in tough conditions. The staff were very good, encouraging the children while allowing them time and space to make their own decisions, especially during the abseiling and climbing.”

Pacific Lutheran

Group Dynamics

A Total Adventures instructor stays with each group for the whole week insuring safety, passing on instructions for each day, debriefing the group at the end of each day and generally overseeing the camp. Ultimately it is the student group itself that directs the journey, for example, the group is responsible for morale, in-camp management and housekeeping (meal preparation/cooking, hygiene, tidiness), time schedules and group organisation.


Tent Camping


Ration packs, student camp cooking


  • Canoeing
  • Initiative Activities
  • Mountain Biking
  • Team Building
  • Rock Climbing
  • Raft Building
  • Abseiling
  • Hiking
  • Cooking
  • Camp Craft

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