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Abseiling is a team activity that relies on the support and encouragement of the whole group, as each individual abseils down the cliff face.

The session commences with a talk from our qualified Total Adventures instructor on safety guidelines and technique, followed by a group discussion on individual differences, to examine how each person’s comfort zone varies. Our safety procedures insist that all participants wear a helmet while abseiling and have a belay line (safety rope) back up that the instructor controls. The ultimate decision to abseil always rests with the individual (challenge by choice).

Rock Climbing

Perhaps the most challenging of all adventure endeavours, outdoor rock climbing involves the ultimate in team effort and is one of the most rewarding and exhilarating activities. Before participants attempt any rock climbing, each group is given thorough instruction in climbing techniques, belaying skills and safety precautions.

Students are outfitted with the necessary safety equipment and taught how to use their hands and feet to efficiently climb rock faces. Participation in outdoor rock climbing is a challenging and confidence-building experience and encourages a remarkable sense of accomplishment!

Indoor Rock Climbing

The indoor rock climbing wall is a simulated natural rock surface with a series of large and small artificial climbing holds. There are nine climb lines ranging in height from eight to fifteen meters. Encompassing 60 individual climbs, the wall has an allocated grade ranging from beginner to advance (grade 8 to 25). At the beginning of the session, safety, equipment and technique are discussed. Goals are examined and encouraged throughout the session with the emphasis on team support and encouragement.

Indoor rock climbing empowers participants to experience and put into practice leadership, teamwork, and conflict resolution skills. The physical, mental and emotional tasks they accomplish will help to create a positive self-image that will benefit participants throughout life.