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Surfing has become a very popular water activity that people of all ages and experience levels can enjoy. The activity includes instruction in paddling, wave catching, various prone to feet methods, surfboard design and surf safety. Your instructors will guide students through the lesson, encouraging them to ask questions and constantly remind them what it’s all about, having fun!

It is expected that even beginners will come away with the memory of catching that first wave “on their own” and this will last forever!

Body Boarding

Body boarding is an activity that anyone can try irrespective of age or ability level and is ideal for those first timers who would like to experience the thrills of catching and riding waves! With this ‘no experience necessary’ lesson, all participants have a fantastic time in the waves.

The instructor covers all the basics of using a body board as well as how to maneuver the board through the waves, after which participants get to practice on the boards provided. Once participants are confident with the basics, the instructor teaches simple tricks and more advanced skills that can be picked up very quickly and put into practice.

Surf Awareness

A lot of beginners head into the surf and get hurt or find themselves in trouble due to lack of basic knowledge. Through our surf awareness activity students learn about:

• Different surf conditions,
• Safe surf practices
• Identifying potential risks
• Surf equipment selection
• Safe use of surf equipment
• Oceanography
• Board rescues

Beach Games

Groups face of in a series of fun filled activities guaranteed to have students engaged and energetic as they cheer on their team-mates in a beautiful beach setting. Hula hoops, balls, ropes and other equipment are often used to add spice to this truly enjoyable and rewarding activity.

Surf Carnival

Surf carnivals involve the whole group with each of the events being similar to those of a real surf lifesaving competition. Events include beach flags, beach relays and beach sprints to name but a few. This activity is a great way for students to bond and support their peers in a fun, positive but competitive environment.