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Activities, Noosa School Camp
Low Ropes

Low ropes courses are to some extent physical, and rely on participants helping each other through encouragement, teamwork and idea sharing. The course is first demonstrated to the group by the instructor and covers rules for conduct and safety.

Fun and problem solving are emphasised in this activity in a safe and supportive environment.

Medium Ropes

The medium ropes course is similar to low ropes but is situated 6 meters off the ground. Relying on peer support and encouragement, each participant is safely secured in a harness attached to a safety line.

The group is given instruction in belaying skills and safety precautions. At the end of the course, each participant descends via the flying fox, while being encouraged and cheered on by the group.

High Ropes

High level ropes courses are the next step up and offer opportunities to explore personal limits, goal setting and decision making. They allow participants to reach for new heights and test courage while also building self-esteem. As with the low and medium ropes courses, group and individual safety is paramount and will be covered along with technique by the instructor.

All participants are outfitted with the necessary safety equipment. The course is a physical and mental challenge for those individuals and teams wanting to find that special something that gives them the edge.

Pamper Pole

Often referred to as a leap of faith, participants climb to the top of a seven meter pole where they stand on a platform the size of an A3 sheet of paper.

Participants use a safety harness and two safety lines to jump from the platform in an attempt to hit a bell suspended 1 meter higher and 2 meters out. The activity is awesome fun and a great confidence builder.

Giant Swing

Participants will be able to test and push their individual comfort zones while on this activity. The group has to manage the time and the amount of energy required to power the activity, challenge by choice is a big concept for this activity.

Participants are pulled to the top of a pole, when they are ready they let go at any time to experience up to a 20 metre free fall.