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River Challenge

River challenge is and activity designed to challenge participants to develop problem-solving skills and to feel part of a team. Imagine being stranded on a one side of a river and having to find a way to get your group across to the other side.

Participants design and build a raft from tarps, barrels and materials collected from their surroundings and then the challenge gets wet and fun as they attempt to cross the river. Fun and team development are the goals in this entertaining activity.

Mini Olympics

This activity uses events similar to those of the real Olympics but with a novelty approach. Olympics are usually held at the end of a camp, to bring the whole group together to revise the sense of team work followed throughout the camp.

Participants may however, get messy as eggs, flour and water are added for special effects.

Survival Challenge

During this activity each team is faced with a number of obstacles that they have to complete in order to move on to the next. It includes having to construct a stretcher from a tarp and materials collected, bandaging an ‘injured’ participant, and then transporting the ‘patient’ to a given destination.

Through the survival challenge activity, each group will gain a feeling of camaraderie through helping each other, encouragement, teamwork and idea sharing.