Ask any student or teacher who attends a camp for their comments about the experience, and 9 times out of 10 the food will be mentioned well before any other aspect of the camp. Quite simply, great food makes a great camp! Total Adventures strives to make every camp aspect a positive one, and recognises the importance of providing plentiful, delicious and well-balanced meals.
We supply three home-style meals prepared fresh daily. Each meal is prepared on site with the freshest of ingredients to ensure appetising, balanced and nutritious catering. Morning and afternoon teas are also included.

We endeavour to satisfy every individual within the group setting and the camp meals are designed for popular appeal, incorporating a variety of offerings. Adjustments/replacements are made for students and staff with dietary requirements (gluten free, dairy free, vegan, Halal etc and for those with specific allergies) on an individual basis.

Our experienced and qualified Head Chef and his team are available to discuss your specific needs or to answer any questions you may have regarding the camp meals, portion sizes or the dining health and safety of students.