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Survival Camp

Imagine your students were put in a survival situation in the Australian bush, would they survive? Would they know what to do? Now your school can participate in comprehensive and realistic survival training for a range of potential emergencies & natural disasters which may happen to any individual.

Survival Camp

The Ultimate School Camp

Our survival camp requires students to analyse all aspects of their day to day living. Working as part of a team, they will train at various remote forest survival sites and learn the four main aspects of survival;

Survival Camp


Students learn the value of being able to make a shelter in the bush, quickly and safely with a storm rising over the horizon. Students are taught how to use natural materials to construct rough shelters which will keep them insulated and dry, a key factor of survival when removed from civilization.


Knowing where to find water & how to covert it into fresh drinking water is a vital skill, without it the body will only survive for three days! Students practice finding water, making filtration devices and sterilisation techniques to sustain themselves for a day at the water survival site.


Our professionally trained staff guide each group through the Mary Valley area, educating students about what is edible and what to avoid. The groups then go on to practice a range of campfire cooking techniques to cook their own meals.

Survival CampSearch & Rescue

Each group is taught how to promote their chances of rescue. Students will learn how to build beacons, signal using morse code and UHF radios. Basic remote area first aid techniques and search and rescue methods are covered in a realistic mock plane-crash rescue scenario.

Disaster Scenario Training

Our belief is that too many victims are caught in natural disasters because they don’t know what to do. During our Survival Camp, students learn and practice how to handle a bushfire, raging river, tsunami and plane crash scenario. At the end of each scenario, groups evaluate their performance under pressure.

Survival Camp Programs

The extremity of each survival camp can be tailored to the requirements of your school group. Alternative rescue and disaster scenarios can be covered according to the priorities or topics relevant to each school.

School Camp Overview

Students are dropped at different starting points and rotate in groups between four remote survival sites, each with a dedicated theme. At each camp the focus is on the specific theme of the camp, for example, at the survival shelter camp, students do not use their dome tents, instead building their own natural shelters for the night. At the survival food camp, students identify bush food sources and cook without modern utensils on a campfire. During the search & rescue camp, students learn about remote area first aid and carry out a mock rescue. Water camp involves pupils locating and distilling enough water for all of their activities at the water camp. By the end of the week, students will have learnt each fundamental element of survival. The camp creates an immense feeling of satisfaction and achievement. Students come away with a different perspective on their capabilities and outlook on life.

Survival Camp

Camp Activities & Scenarios

Pupils are given an emergency scenario between or at survival sites, which they are taught to manage and negotiate as they hike through the state forest.

We have incorporated a range of challenging outdoor activities into each survival scenario: Tsunami Scenario – Raft building, Raging River – Tyrolean Traverse, Bushfire Scenario – Abseiling, Search & Rescue – Plane Crash Adventure

Camp Accomodation & Catering

While surviving in the bush is an extremely demanding activity, the survival camp does not need to be. Students stay one night under natural shelters and three nights in 2 person dome tents. In the same way, high energy food and campfire barbecues are provided each night except at food camp. Ample water is provided at each camp except for water camp. Teaching staff will be provided with individual dome tents and regular food and water allocations at each site!

“I found the camp really well structured and full of a range of activities.  The students overall found the camp a rewarding experience.  I would also like to personally congratulate Phil Loader on his enthusiasm and the positive role he played in the Casino H.S. Yr 10 Camp. Phil went above and beyond the call of duty in assisting students and teachers.  He is knowledgeable and was keen to deliver relevant and informative information to students.  His  manner was professional and of course h had a great sense of humour – which we all need when working with students.  Pat Gallagher - Casino High School

Looking for the ultimate school camp? You have just found it!

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