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Bush Navigation

Sometimes the most memorable lessons in life don’t come from a textbook. Sometimes you just have to see it, touch it, do it, or experience it first hand. What better classroom setting than Nature? Compass bearings and maps are reviewed first in this simple and fun activity.

Participants may then be given a scenario and several clues using bearings such as six walking steps west. This enjoyable activity has been known in the past to have participants returning laughing and covered in mud!

Camp Craft

Camp craft explores a range of different skills required for camping in the bush. During appropriate weather conditions participants are fully supervised during their attempt to set a camp fire and then cook a damper.

Participants learn to identify suitable camping sites and erect their own hoochies. All aspects of minimal impact camping are covered during this activity.


Orienteering combines navigational skills with team work and personal challenge. Participants are taught how to use a compass to find bearings and to read a map. Each person must rely on individual and team skills in an endeavour to navigate their way along a given course.

The participants are then given a scenario and several clues using bearings such as 200 degrees, ten meters. Bearings will lead participants to a series of items that they must assemble to complete the scenario and solve the problem.