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Bicycle Road Safety

This activity uses a simulated road environment in an enjoyable learning experience relevant to the participant’s ages and abilities.

Our bicycle road safety program aims to develop responsible behaviours, attitudes and decision making skills, for the safe use of bicycles, both on and off the road.

Mountain Biking

Most people know how to ride a bike but can still learn from a mountain biking experience. Mountain biking is a fun and challenging way to explore off the beaten track areas.

Participants learn about the safety aspects of riding in a bush setting while experiencing the excitement of cycling. Terrain varies from gentle slopes to rugged inclines and steep descents. The pace of this activity (as with all our outdoor activities), will vary to meet the challenges of the group. Environmental issues are discussed on route and areas of natural significance are examined.

Our bikes come in a range of sizes to suit all age group, but please let us know if anyone is less than 4f 10. We need to know about any medical conditions and ensure asthmatics have their Ventolin with them. All riders need to wear comfortable clothing and enclosed shoes.