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Team Challenge

A series of activities where the solutions are so numerous there are no right or wrong answers. The emphasis is on how each individual in the group contributed towards the solution. There are a large number of activities that are great for developing all aspects of team function and personal growth.

All of these activities are guaranteed to get participants thinking about such issues as effective communication, self-confidence and group dynamics. Team members will be challenged mentally and physically in a supportive and positive environment whilst having a lot of serious fun along the way.


Initiative activities, though similar to team challenge, are in fact very different. Whilst team development activities focus on team function, initiatives focus on lateral thinking. Each group is given problems to solve within certain parameters.

The activities, though challenging both physically and mentally, are the ultimate source of personal satisfaction and achievement once completed. Participants are encouraged to think outside the square, using communication and decision making skills in these fun problem solving activities.


In an ever increasingly competitive world, every team needs a confident focused leader. Whether it is leading a company, sports team or a family unit, at some point in our lives we will all need the necessary skills to take charge. Through many different activities and scenarios we identify what makes a great leader. Two-way communication and confident decision-making are essential, as well as identifying and utilising skills that are within a team.

  • Being able to solve problems (even when the goals are continually changing).
  • Learning to be pro-active rather than reactive.
  • Being able to maintain a positive spirit through support, trust and encouragement whilst allowing for an individuals different needs and abilities.
  • All participants needs vary and for this reason courses are tailor made to suit the individuals or groups concerned, enabling us to heighten any one aspect or area that needs special attention.
Survival Challenge

During this activity each team is faced with a number of obstacles that they have to complete in order to move on to the next. It includes having to construct a stretcher from a tarp and materials collected, bandaging an ‘injured’ participant, and then transporting the ‘patient’ to a given destination.

Through the survival challenge activity, each group will gain a feeling of camaraderie through helping each other, encouragement, teamwork and idea sharing.

Survival Skills

Survival skills will put all budding Bear Grylls enthusiasts to the test. Learn fire making procedures, water collection, shelter building, signalling, survival food sources and all aspects of survival in our replica disaster scenario.

Students learn valuable skills that will hopefully never need to be put to the test.